Taurus Vs Indicus

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S.No Bos Taurus –fresian jersey European Bos indicus zebu
1. Thicker and shorter Legs thinner and longer
2. Shorter and broader Face longer and narrower
3. Dished concave shallow Profile face slightly convex
4. Horns internal disposition or not available at all. Horns external disposition. conical
5. Rounded at tips Ears –tapering of tips like scissors
6. hump less Hump –thoraco cervical hump
7. 18 to 21 vertebrae Cockerel tail vertebrae 18 no
8. Cartilage not available – hence more disease due to flies and mosquito’s Cartilage at tip of tail. they are not bones .cartilage is very useful for zebu to repel away flies and mosquito’s
9. Leveled rump hind part Hind Croup and rump sloppy hind part
10. Two coats long and less densile and colures Heel short thick densile white or light colures
11. No pigmentation Skin pigmented – hair color is white
12. Basal metabolic rate is very high so in take of food is very high Basal metabolic rate is very less – so less intake of feed
13. Maternal instinct is very low –even possible to milk without calf Maternal instinct is very high- care on calf
14 Milk is very poor in fat Milk is very rich in fat
15. Premunity in very low. Disease prone Premunity is high –resistance to disease is very high
16. Dystokia is very very high. Difficulty in labor Dystokia is less very easy labor
17. Turn out rate is more Turn out rate very less –production is less compared to tharus
18 Less life span Longevity is very high very high life span
19. Does not posses the ability to adapt Has ability to adapt to any or low quality fodder
20. Immediate heat and pregnancy Lactation diestrum –sexual rest up to 3 to 4 months after delivery
21. Very high hormonal level Hormonal level minimum or not existent
22. Very high water requirement Water requirement low
23. Very poor mobility High mobility
24. Very poor grazer Foraging activity is high -grazing
25. 12 to 15 % less compared to bos indicus or zebu Skin surface area 12 % excess over taurus breeds so it has more sweat glands
26. 5 nos Tail vertebrate sacral -4 anatomical difference
27. Less or not available at all Appendages under the neck more and loose
28. Low are no existent at all Twitching is high –tail movement
29. Sub cutaneous Fat deposition intra muscular
30. docile Docility highly temperamental
31. Not developed very less – so it requires lots of antibiotics and treatment which is harmful Reticulo endothelial system disease resistant system well developed