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    SKCRF's Launching Event

    Beginning of a New Ride for SKCRF in 2018

    Ready to Rumble, Ready to Make Noise about the great launch of SKCRF's website, brochure and appeal booklet on Jan 7th, 2018 in Coimbatore, India by eminent personalities and fortitudinous heroes of SKCRF. It will be a great occasion to rekindle SKCRF's journey with Kangeyam bulls and people from across the boundaries.



SKCRF functions as a resource and research centre working on conservation of Kangayam, one of the native breeds of cattle in Tamilnadu. Awareness is focussed more intensely on the Kangayam breed and the Korangadu, a unique silvi pasture land and farming system which is unique to Kongu region, mid-western Tamilnadu. SKCRF works to preserve the bio-cultural
values and the uniqueness around our indigenous breeds of livestock and the traditional knowledge associated with it.
This is an appeal from SKCRF for support to continue its activities.

Some of the major achievements and contributions of SKCRF  are:

  • Awareness – Have created tremendous awareness on use of cow dung, urine as an alternate to nitrogenous fertilisers, not only saving cattle but also foreign exchange and environment. Switching over to organic farming and not using harmful chemical pesticides has improved health and lifestyle of people.
  • Bull service – The breeding bulls of SKCRF serves 120
    to 155 cows on an average every year.The master breeding bull is also being sent to various premium Kangayam select breeders for servicing and in turn leads to best breeding practice.
  • Training programme – Training in livestock keeping, organic farming and zero budget natural farming are conducted regularly.
  • Part of Union planning commission in “Native Livestock Conservation Committee” and state planning commission consultation.
  • Kannapuram cattle shandy has been turned into a happening place with youngsters and family coming with children to visit the shandy and buy Kangayam cows, bulls , bullocks and to visit the exhibition of SKCRF.
  • Liaisoning with the state and union governmentLiaisoning is done for cattle shows to
    be conducted by the Government of Tamilnadu for Kangayam in Kangayam, Tiruppur district, Umbalachery in Porkai, Nagapattinam district, Bargur in Usimalai, Bargur,Erode district, Pulikulam/ Jellicut in Sivagangai district, Alambadi in Krishnagiri. Part of Union planning commission in “Native Livestock Conservation Committee” and State planning commission consultation.
  • Kangayam cattle show  & breed saviour awards – SKCRF’s “ Kangayam Cattle Show “ is the most sought after event in the Kongu region. Thousands of participants have
    been part of the event. Lakhs of visitors throng the show to see the best breeding bulls, cows, calves, oxens / bullocks
    being displayed at the show. The show attracts students, veterinarians, farmers, livestock keepers, elected members of assembly, parliament, religious leaders etc. More than 400 Kangayam livestock breeders / farmers have benefitted from the cash prizes given at the show. Four livestock keepers of Kangayam including one woman has been nominated as the “National Breed Saviour Awardee” instituted by the National Biodiversity Authority, Ministry of Environment and forest. Kangayam livestock keepers are
    sponsored and taken to state level and international conferences /events etc.
  • Calves being issued at a subsidised cost. Calves of the farm are issued to needy farmers and those interested in rearing cattle at a subsidised cost. Every year around 20 calves are issued.
  • Schools / Colleges SKCRF has made rearing native cattle a mass movement through social media, main stream media and through contact programs at various colleges/ schools etc.
  • Seminars / exhibitions are an integral part of SKCRF’s activity. Exhibitions in schools, colleges, United Nations conference in Hyderabad, Kannapuram cattle shandy, Andhiyur cattle shandy, National Biodiversity Authority, has ensured awareness and public participation in conservation of Kangayam.


So far support has come for cattle shows, publications and other project activities such as creating bio cultural protocol for the kangayam korangadu region and communities. Some support also has come for upkeep of cattle through sponsorship program. However, more support is required to continue the good work and expand the activities.

Support is required in the following major areas:

Corpus donations

Infrastructure needs

  • Library and Museum
  • Air conditioners
  • Setting up Cryogenic Semen Laboratory
  • Vehicle
  • Seminar hall
  • Farmers hostel and training centre

Equipment needs

  • Computer
  • Scanners
  • Server / Storage devices / Web space

Endowments For Lectures/ Seminars


Activities(need an endowment)

  • Awareness programmes – Cattle shows, exhibitions, out reach programmes Training program in Livestock keeping
  • Zero Budget Farming, Compost Making
  • Making Panchagavyam/ Vembu Karaisal/astram
  • Korangadu maintenance, Livestock keeping
  • Documentation & publication, Breeding Cattle & Maintaining Korangadu
  • Scientific upgradation to Milching cattle, Maintaining breed stock
  • Zero budget farming workshops
  • Skill development for women by imparting training in livestock keeping

The trustees and patrons of the SKCRF request philanthropists, corporate, charitable organizations, heritage enthusiasts, animal lovers and individuals who believe in the mission of SKCRF to come forward and extend their support to help SKCRF pursue its objectives effectively. The support could come in cash or kind in the name of the organization for one or more of the activities listed above. SKCRF has 80% exemption from the income tax department for the contributions made.

(Note: Currently contributions are received only in INR)

The donation can be made for corpus funding or for specific activities.


Account No: 0453351000001072


Branch: MUTHUR

IFSC Code: LAVB0000453

Board of Trustees

  • Aravind Nallathambi, Education
  • Deva Prakash, Education, M., Education, Entrepreneur
  • Gunadaran, G., Environmental Sciences
  • Hima Anugula, Entrepreneur, Environmental and Social Activist, Chennai
  • K. S. Saraswathy
  • Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, Livestock keeping and Agriculture
  • Meenaakshi Karthikeya, Life Sciences
  • Monika Agarwal, Rural management expert, IRMA
  • Narendren S.K. , Agriculture
  • Prabhu, M. J., Media
  • Saminathan Sivasenapathy K., Chairman, SKCRF, Agriculture
  • Sivasenapathy E. N., Bargur Hill Cattle Breeders Association
  • Somasundaram, Law
  • Sundar Ganesan, Archives and Libraries
  • Swaminathan L. P., Agricultural Economics, TNAU
  • M. J. Prabu, Journalist