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    SKCRF's Launching Event

    Beginning of a New Ride for SKCRF in 2018

    Ready to Rumble, Ready to Make Noise about the great launch of SKCRF's website, brochure and appeal booklet on Jan 7th, 2018 in Coimbatore, India by eminent personalities and fortitudinous heroes of SKCRF. It will be a great occasion to rekindle SKCRF's journey with Kangeyam bulls and people from across the boundaries.


Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (SKCRF) is an in situ conservation and breeding centre based in Kuttapalayam in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu. SKCRF functions as a resource and research centre working on conservation of native breeds of cattle. Awareness is focussed more intensely for the Kangayam breed and the Korangadu, a unique silvi pastoral land and farming system which is unique to Kongu region, mid-western Tamilnadu. Kangayam breed and the Korangadu are interdependent and hence they need to be protected from the serious threats that they face. SKCRF also works to preserve the bio-cultural values and the uniqueness around our indigenous breeds of livestock and the traditional knowledge associated with it.