Rain Water Harvesting

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Rain Water Harvesting

According to the UN world water development report India faces a deepening water crisis. This crisis will intensify by 2050 it says. Global advocacy group water aid in it report for 2018 has revealed that India is home to the highest no of people, 16.3 crores in the world without access to clean water.

Only 4% of world clean water is available in India although it accounts for 18% of the world population India NITI AYOG (Planning commission) report is alarming since it predicts by 2030, the water demand would be twice as much as the available supply.

By 2040 all the sources of portable water will probably be exhausted. 52% of India’s agriculture land reminds dependent of the vagaries of nature in the form of unreliable rainfall.

Creating water chemically is a very expensive affair. Indians can try and save water. Cues taken from Capetonians, South Africa.

Rainwater harvesting, tree planting, deep ploughing during summer and other indigenous innovative solutions are more effective than high cost technologies.

A NASA report of 2009, says Indus basin is the second most overstressed aquifer in the world. It also stated that rate of exhaustion of ground water levels in India was about 1 Meter in every three years.

Recharging ground water will solve some of the basic problem. Though central ground water authority has an active role to play, plenty of room is available for private citizens and nonprofits to take substantial interest.

Water literacy, is very much need of the hour in water management.

Senaapathy Kangayam cattle research foundation has been working on creating awareness on water harvesting, and training establishing rainwater harvesting ponds, through public support.

Individuals, Industrialist, Philanthropist CSR programmers, corporates Ngo’s are requested to support to further the cause of water conservation for better Tamilnadu and India.


“நீர்இன்று அமையாது உலகெனின் யார்யார்க்கும்
வான்இன்று அமையாது ஒழுக்கு.”   –  குறள்