Improvising Milk yield in Kangayam

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    Beginning of a New Ride for SKCRF in 2018

    Ready to Rumble, Ready to Make Noise about the great launch of SKCRF's website, brochure and appeal booklet on Jan 7th, 2018 in Coimbatore, India by eminent personalities and fortitudinous heroes of SKCRF. It will be a great occasion to rekindle SKCRF's journey with Kangeyam bulls and people from across the boundaries.


Cattle breeding is gaining importance, thanks to the Jallikattu movement in Tamilnadu. While tractors can replace cattle for certain tasks like taking farm loads and to plough fields, cattle is important for milk needs. The nature of the Kangayam breed is such that it has been evolved mainly for draught purposes and for milk needs of the children and lactating mothers.

The reason is it adults did not require milk due to their food habits and customs. However, in today’s context the need for more milk is understood and hence a selective breeding program for high milk yielding cows is charted out at the SKCRF farm. This program needs more support in terms of finances as controlled study and monitoring is needed. The pedigree needs to documented carefully. Funds are being sought for this program to witness early results.