kangayam cattle
  • SKCRF's Launching Event

    Beginning of a New Ride for SKCRF in 2018

    Ready to Rumble, Ready to Make Noise about the great launch of SKCRF's website, brochure and appeal booklet on Jan 7th, 2018 in Coimbatore, India by eminent personalities and fortitudinous heroes of SKCRF. It will be a great occasion to rekindle SKCRF's journey with Kangeyam bulls and people from across the boundaries.


Welcome to SKCRF

"Ruin awaits the man who gives up pasture or who sells the bullock that was of use to him"

- Proverb in the Kongu Region

Welcome to Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation

India is a repository for domesticated animal biodiversity having 30 well defined breeds of cattle, comprising 7.75% of the total world’s animal’s breeds. The southern peninsular region has the largest number and breeds of draught cattle. Kangayam is a popular and well known breed from Tamilnadu. The breed was evolved by the then Pattakarar of Palayakottai.

Kangayam Cattle